“I think the trend is to play fast handball.”-Interview with Rasmus Boysen

We made an interview with Rasmus Boysen who is a really intresting character. He is a professional player and a blogger too. On his site he publishes news and intresting stories about this sport. During the interview we talked about the danish system, the hungarian handball and the European Championships.

First of all we can see that the danish handball system is one of the best systems in the world. Would you explain us how a danish player grows up?

It’s very different how a Danish player grows up. Some first becomes very serious in a late age, others earlier. In Denmark we have handball academies beginning for players in the age of 13-14, where the players learns how to be a professional. On the youth national teams it is important for the Danish coaches, to have as many players as possible in and around the squad, because it’s tough to see who is going to be great players as seniors.


You played in Skjern for several years. How looked the danish championships looked like at this time?

I both played in Skjern as a youngster and senior player. The Danish Championship had a lot of chances in that time. Big clubs as Skjern, GOG and KIF Kolding had some problems, and new teams as Aalborg, Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, FC København, AG København and KIF Kolding-København came. A lot of great players have played in the Danish league in the time, but of course the Danish league is also a „development league” where Nordic players grow, becomes better, and then join better teams in better leagues.


Now, you’re in the squad of Elverum. Which are the most inportant differences between the CL and other tournaments?

Of course Champions League is the best league for a handball player. And this season we play in the A/B Champions League. You play against the best players of the World every week and the interest is huge.


When did you start the site and what was your goal with it?

I’ve always been very interested in handball and with I got a severe injury in 2015, I had some free time to use.


How much time does it take for you to handle it?

A lot of time. I’d rather not think about it 😀

How do you see? What are the most important trends in handball? How tha game changes nowadays?

 Of course the new 7 against 6 rule has changed handball in a bad way in my opinion. But otherwise I think the trend is to play fast handball. When you see great teams as PSG and Barca or Denmark and Norway you can see, they play fast and attractive handball with a lot of goals.


What is your opininon about the hungarian handball? What are the biggest problems as you see?


I love Hungarian handball because of the mentality and fans. Since Skjern played against Veszprem in the Champions League in 2002, where a lot of Hungarian fans came to Denmark, I have been a fan of Veszprém. And when they played against them again 2 seasons ago, I drove to Veszprém to witness the amazing arena and atmosphere.

I don’t know if there’s any problems, but of course the amount of foreign players in the biggest clubs could affect the Hungarian national team.


What are your tipps to the EC?

Before the Euros I thought the final would be Spain against Denmark, that France would be a dissappointment and that Belarus and Portugal could surprise, so I have to stick with it.

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